Please take the time to answer these questions about the Mobile Molecular DataSheet. Your input is welcome whether you have used the app, or are considering using it. You may take this survey as many times as you wish.

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Have you used the Mobile Molecular DataSheet on any of the supported devices?

Yes No

If so, which devices? (Check all that apply)

iPhone/iPod iPad BlackBerry

If not, why not?

Undecided Not useful Too expensive Other (please specify)


Which features have you used?

Molecule drawing
DataSheet management
Reaction editing
Custom templates
Email communication
Web services client

Learning curve

For each of the features that you have used, consider the degree of difficulty required to learn how to use it:

Molecule drawing: Easy Moderate Hard
DataSheet management: Easy Moderate Hard
Reaction editing: Easy Moderate Hard
Custom templates: Easy Moderate Hard
Email communication: Easy Moderate Hard
Web services client: Easy Moderate Hard

How could the app be improved so that it is easier to use?

Structure drawing

How effective is the molecular structure editor for drawing publication-quality 2D structures?

Poor Moderate Very good

How convenient do you find the structure editor, as compared to conventional desktop sketchers?

Poor Moderate Very good

Would you consider using the structure editor as your primary method of drawing molecular structures?

Yes No

What is missing from the structure editor, and how could it be improved to better suit your needs?


Do you think that the Mobile Molecular DataSheet is good value for its price?

Yes No

Would you recommend the product to other chemists?

Yes No

If the product were integrated into your daily workflow, could this enhance your productivity?

Yes No

What could be done to improve the app so that it could be a useful part of your workflow?


What do you like or dislike about the Mobile Molecular DataSheet software?

Do you have any other comments about the software?