ODDT is the mobile client for the Open Drug Discovery Teams project, which acts as a browser for selected topics such as rare & neglected diseases. The app provides features for crowdsourced curation via Twitter.



The Open Drug Discovery Teams (ODDT) project is a content aggregation system for open science data, providing crowd sourced curation features. The project consists of a mobile app for iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad) that presents a magazine-like interface for browsing content, and a server that accumulates content, by polling Twitter for topic-specific hashtags.

The ODDT app is free. It can be used anonymously to browse topics. Influencing content requires the user's Twitter account to be enabled and made available to the app.

The app, and the corresponding server architecture, are evolving rapidly. Timely progress reports, and discussion of new features, can be found on the Cheminformatics 2.0 blog.

A 5-minute presentation at Montreal NewTech is available: May 2012: Open Drug Discovery Teams.

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