A selection of screenshots showing functionality of the Mobile Molecular DataSheet app for iOS.

Mobile Molecular DataSheet


Mobile Molecular DataSheet

The following images are taken from the Mobile Molecular DataSheet app, using the iPhone 6 form factor. The app is available for all iOS devices via the iTunes App Store.


Main screen action menu for caffeine

Molecular structure editing: main command bank.

Context menu for selected methyl group.

Sprout-bond gesture in progress.

Sprout-ring gesture in progress.

Magic-crayon gesture for atom selection.

Gluing bidentate template to organometallic complex.

Reusing fragment with copy & paste.

Perusing datasheet row by row.

Editing chemical reaction.

Preparing upload for public sharing.

Browsing shared molecular datasheet.

Setting up a substructure search.

Waiting for search results.

Viewing and importing search results.

Editing custom template fragments.

Preparing graphical picture.

About to email data and graphics.

Looking up assays for a molecule.

Browsing OpenPHACTS assay data.

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