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Molecular Materials Informatics, Inc. was founded in early 2010 by Dr. Alex M. Clark, and is based in Montréal, Canada.

The company mission is to produce a new generation of cheminformatics software which can be accessed from a wide variety of environments and spans a broad range of chemistry. The emphasis is on disruptive technologies, particularly mobile devices, cloud-based services and professionally oriented social networking, which are currently redefining the entire software industry.

Current products bring intuitive chemical structure-centric user interfaces, and sophisticated cheminformatics algorithms, to ultra-portable mobile devices and smart phones, and extend this functionality by leveraging web services.

All supported products are designed from the ground up to work well with the whole domain of molecular chemistry, which includes pharmaceutically relevant organic molecules, organometallic reagents, molecular materials and exotic inorganic structures. Molecular Materials Informatics is dedicated to designing and building the new user interfaces, new algorithms and new data formats which are required to expand the boundaries of cheminformatics.

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